Zhejiang HaiRoad Food Co., Ltd. is Zhejiang's Debang Holdings, a professional in the intensive processing of aquatic products subsidiary, the company is located in the "Haitian Buddhist country, and fisheries are Hong Kong City" in the Zhoushan Islands said. Founded in April 2001, the registered capital of 16 million yuan. In early 2002 formally completed and put into production, plant and workshop are strictly in accordance with the FDA seafood HACCP regulations and the EU 94/356 / EEC directive from the design requirements, the more than 1,000 tons of frozen / times, quick-freezing capacity of 30 tons / times. In 2006 the company successfully registered by the U.S. FDA and ISO9001: 2000, ISO9001: 22000 certification, in 2007 the company has successfully passed the EU QS system of registration and certification, ISO14001 certification, clean production certification.
     Zhejiang Zhoushan HaiRoad Food Co., Ltd. is currently engaged in a small number of export aquatic products finishing one of the major manufacturing enterprises, particularly in the production of aquatic products cephalopod Kyo, known in the industry. Is the real loser, finishing chapter series of domestic products well-known enterprises, production of various specifications chapter sushi film really, really uses the chapter, the Tangyang octopus, octopus string, vinegar dozens of octopus, and other products. These products are excellent quality and stability of the processing level in Japan, South Korea and other international markets enjoy a relatively high market share and reputation, companies formed a unique product advantages. In 2006 the company processed more than 2,500 tons octopus (raw materials), manufactures 2,000 tons, has achieved good economic returns.
     From the early construction company, established a "finished, professional and high standards" business ideas and completely abandon the Zhoushan Fishery some enterprises have done everything, everything is done well, do not refined, low-level processing, Low added value of the traditional business model. April 2003 has made the company the right to self-enter the mouth, the company's future development to create a broad space for development. At the same time using cooperative manner, to provide the products at the same time, actively encourage the Japanese advanced production technology and management concepts, with the strength of the Japanese side continued to upgrade their management level of cooperation with the Japanese side the way, so that enterprises Smooth entry into the Japanese production and marketing supply chain, ensuring order and stability and reduce the market risk, business in a healthy, stable development of the bigger and stronger. So far, the company exported products of the international market, mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions.
     Companies in the consolidation of the original sales market, adopt a variety of ways and a variety of other channels will actively explore the international market. Actively participated in various fisheries and aquatic products trade fairs, exchange of experience with counterparts at home and abroad, timely market information and capture dynamic industry. Use of advertising and publicity pictures and image display products to enable more customers to the company's understanding, for the company's potential customers, target customers and the sources of orders laid a solid foundation. So as to promote the company's stability, sustained, effective development.
     Advanced equipment, modern management and high quality products, the company won a good reputation. The company put into operation a short period of five years, sound management style and impressive performance by industry Jiaokouchengzan. As the Government's strong support for the relevant departments, in addition to the enterprises to better economic efficiency of enterprises also brought good social benefits. The company is aquatic product processing enterprises, the five-year period for the fishermen's approach to changing products directly led displaced farmers become rich more than 800 fishing households, indirectly led farmers become rich more than 1,200 fishing families, the community has contributed to the stability and unity. Have won several awards local governments, relevant departments have been rated "top 10 industrial enterprises in Putuo District," "Putuo District top 10 export enterprises" and "Zhoushan City of agriculture and fisheries enterprises", "advanced aquatic products processing enterprises." , Putuo District as a nurturing and support superior enterprises targeted. Putuo District in each of the rural Xinyonglianshe, the Agricultural Bank city, the Construction Bank rated "AAA-credit business."
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Hairoad Zhejiang Co.,Ltd is specialized in profound processing of seafood which belongs to Zhejiang Deborn holding Group. It’s located in Zhoushan Archipelago being famous as “Heavenly Buddhist world on the sea” and a fishing harbor city. The company was established in April,2001,with its registered capital of RMB 16,000,000....